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Ziilch – Sharing in even more ways

what's coming this year on ziilch

Big hello to the Ziilch Community,

With our 1-year anniversary coming up, we’re thinking about even more ways we can further help the Ziilchers in our 2nd year. Along with some pretty exciting upgrades to the site (Can’t share just yet. Top Secret), our vision is for ziilch to really sink it’s teeth into helping people declutter, reuse and find even more free stuff! Here’s one of the ways….

Now whether it’s via email, Facebook, Twitter or direct feedback on ziilch, it seems that so many of you have some ideas on how people can further embrace the ziilch way.  Our vision is for ziilch to be the ultimate hub of information and services. So starting soon, we’ll be sharing these concepts with you on the site.

Along with giving and receiving free stuff, you’ll soon have access to our extensive content pages in which we’ll be sharing all the latest tips and information on a wide variety of topics.

These include Saving Money, Renovating, DIY Craft Projects, Moving House, Sustainable Living, Shopping and of course, all the many ways you can use ziilch!

Where to from there? Oh we’d love to share. But trust us when we say that if you thought we did some good work in year 1, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet :)

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