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Defining ziilch – “Free”-bay? Hard-rubbish online? Free stuff dot com?

Ziilch huh?,” he says as he types away on his iPhone, clearly unengaged. “Whats it do?”

It’s a question that I have to answer a lot and with nearly 14,000 members now, I’m betting there’s a few out there who have had this conversation too. It’s a very simple question with a pretty straight-forward answer. Yet every time I’m faced with it, I feel this sudden pressure to come up with an answer that’s as short and succinct as possible, or risk losing their interest forever.
It’s a tough one because ziilch can be appealing in so many different areas.

Anyone who has ever moved house. Anyone who has ever hired a skip. Anyone who has ever been to a garage sale. Anyone who has ever HELD a garage sale. Anyone with charity in their heart and believes in giving. Anyone who has ever put something out on the nature strip and then felt that subsequent good feeling when it’s gone that afternoon….Or anyone that likes free stuff.

Ziilch can be for everyone, but in their own way. I suppose in order to give the best answer to this guy on his phone is to figure out how he might use it. I tell him ziilch is a website where people give away their stuff for free.

“Oh yeah. What’s it cost?”

(Groan) Let’s start again :)

One comment on “Defining ziilch – “Free”-bay? Hard-rubbish online? Free stuff dot com?

  1. I think it’s a wonderful website (Zilch)..Helping those less fortunate than yourself is the most rewarding thing in life..I have been to garage sales where people want money for their stuff,fair enough, but instead of reducing their prices on things to get rid of them they hold steadfast on their price and end up with a lot of stuff going nowhere and then what do they do they pack it up and take it to their local op shop and give it them,then the op shop puts a price on them and makes the money.Why not just give it to people who really need it and know yourself that you have done a good deed for someone.There should be more giving in these hard times it helps everyone.